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Philanthropy and The Cookie Tree

We are privileged to have been able to conduct business in this community for the past thirty plus years and in doing so we believe in giving back to those who have helped us thrive over these many years.

In order for us to completely consider all requests for donations, we are asking you to forward the following information so that we are fully aware of the needs in our community. Due to the volume of requests for donations, we will not be able to consider any request without this information. We do not make cash donations and we do not donate to feed staff members of an organization.

Please forward the following information by store drop off, mail, email or by fax (530) 673-3028. All requests must be made prior to one month from the date of the event. For example, if your event is February 28th, your request must be submitted no later than January 28th to be considered. Each submission will be responded to by mail, email, or telephone.

For Benefit Night requests, please submit a desired date for your fundraising event.  Although it does not guarantee that date, we will try to accommodate with a date that will fit both your organization and The Cookie Tree.  Benefit Night availability is based on dates available that are not blocked off by the business due to already scheduled special events, holidays or any other reason The Cookie Tree sees fit.


Do not call to make telephone requests. Telephone requests will not be considered.

Information Required

Todays Date:

Name of Event or Agency:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone Number:

Contact E-mail:

Contact Mailing Address:

Date of Event:

Please give brief description of your event:

How many people will be attending your event?

What is the nature of your request: (Gift Certificate, Cookies, Benefit Night)

The organization,s tax payer ID number for verifying nonprofit status:

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